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Language Insights: News & Free Resources for Learning





Learning Spanish

Spanish is the official language of 31 countries. It is spoken by 406 million people around the world. (Source:

Increase your knowledge of Spanish online, and offline by downloading free resources.

Practise at your own pace by watching videos, listening to mp3 recordings, engaging with tasks and reading the news.

Start with your favourite method of learning...


Learning English

The English language started in the United Kingdom and it is currently the official language of 101 countries, and is spoken by 335 million people. (Source:

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about general and business English. Access news and free resources.

The list of resources is constantly updated with new and interesting links.

Check your level and start practising...


Learning German

German, or Deutsch, is the first language of about 95 million people worldwide.

It's the third most widely taught foreign language and the second most commonly used scientific language.

German derives from the Germanic language family. So too do English and Scandinavian, which means learning German would be easier for speakers of these languages.

Ready for a new challenge?


More Languages

There are 7,106 living languages in the world, from the well-known English to the exotic Swahili.

Explore new cultures and learn essential phrases in different languages.

Expand your knowledge by watching videos and engaging with free activities.

Read the news in your mother tongue or choose a new lingo to start practising...


News & Research

Discover how languages have been developed and expanded around the world.

Well-known universities are researching and studying how our brain works when we learn.

The best translation would appear as an original piece of writing – the fact it has been translated goes unnoticed. In the worst case a mistranslation makes a poor impression.

Take a tour and find out more...

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