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The English language has developed over centuries and has spread all over the world to become the language of communication in international business and the internet. If you enjoy learning English you may find our free resources useful; they are regularly updated with new tools. More under the flag 

Time and date in English

English Time and Date


Time & Date

Quick tips:

  •  Knowing facts about time and dates
  •  Spelling time and date words
  •  Reading, measuring and recording time and dates
  •  Ordering and comparing dates and times
  •  Using timetables
  •  Converting between hours and minutes and calculating time

Worksheets and factsheets are available according to three Levels: Entry 1 & 2, Entry 3 and Level 1.

More activities on the Time & Date page.

Maps that explain the English language

Maps and English


Maps that explain the English language

A website with plenty of graphics and maps about the origins of English, how it was influenced by the Anglo-Saxon migration, Old Norse from the Vikings, and French from the Norman conquest.

You may be interested to know how English has spread around the world to become one of the most spoken languages or which countries are more proficient in speaking English as a second language.

Learn more about British and American English, their particular 'vowel shift' and different accents/dialects, for example 'Cockney' in London.


English vocabulary

Learning new English words


Expanding your vocabulary

From basic 'Business English' to 'Tricky Words', the website offers a wide range of subjects to choose from.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some advice on learning according to three levels: for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Learn English vocabulary and much more.


The 51 most commonly misused words and phrases in English

The 51 most commonly misused words and phrases in English


Misused words and phrases in English

Take, for example, the phrase 'begs the question'. Do you think it's been well used in the example below?

"When I asked the dealer why I should pay more for the German car, he said I would be getting 'German quality,' but that just begs the question."

Find the answer and the full list of most commonly mistaken words and phrases on the Telegraph website.


Oxford University Press. English Grammar Lessons for Teachers

Oxford University Press. Grammar course. Teacher's guide.


Grammar Course – Teacher's guides

The website offers free downloads of Teacher's Guides for each level of the Oxford English Grammar Course.

Lesson-by-lesson guides with helpful out-of-class practice activities to help students use grammar.

It also contains helpful Language Notes regarding typical problems with structures that are often due to cross-language differences.

English Grammar Course by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter.

The English we speak

English expressions


To sleep on it

Find out how 'sleeping on something' doesn't just mean lying on a bed!

Take the chance to catch up with the latest phrases that you can use in your everyday conversations.

A 3 minute podcast will help you stay ahead, amaze your friends and impress your English teacher. It includes a brief transcript to guide you through the conversation.

Learning English with the BBC

English Verbs

The verb tenses of English


English Verb Tenses

Learn to think like a native English speaker by following the Verb Tense Tutorial.

Recognise the difference between active and passive verb forms to speak English successfully.

Read the verb tense descriptions to learn how to use each tense correctly. The first page shows the Simple Present and a display of the rest of the verb tenses on the left-hand side.

Finally, put your knowledge into practice by completing a collection of exercises. Exercise 1 Present Simple/Continuous.

English Grammar: Conditionals

English Conditionals


First, second and third conditionals.

Can you complete the following phrases with the right tense?

If the sum of the digits of a number is divisible by three,
the number ...(to be)... divisible by three.

If the sun were shining, I ...(to go).. to the beach.

If she had signed up for the skiing trip last week, she ...(to be)... joining us tomorrow.

Grammar on conditionals.

Exercises using conditionals.


Someone like you. Adele.


Learning English with songs

  1. Listening and understanding skills.

    Are you confident enough to fill in the gaps in this exercise?

    If not, watch first the video with the lyrics subtitled by clicking the image on your left.

  2. Pronunciation skills.

    Sing the song with Adele and feel more confident about your pronunciation when you speak in English.

English Grammar: The -ing form

English Grammar Secrets


Struggling with the -ING form?

It can be a bit tricky as in our native languages we may not use the gerund as much as in English, but it isn't just that. Apart from verbs, the -ing ending is also present in nouns and adjectives.

In formal English, a possessive is used with the -ing ending, for example: I'm angry about his missing the meeting.

Explore the secrets of the different combinations and practise with a few exercises to help you remember.

Visit the website to find out more...
More exercises here.

Free resources for teachers of English

Free resources for teachers of English.


Resources for teachers of English

News in English. Short articles with comprehension exercises.

Free and printable lessons for the classroom with practical warm-ups, phrase match, gap fill, listening, multiple choice quizzes, role plays, discussions, language-cloze, spelling exercises and much more.

Find the answers for each lesson at the bottom of the page.

We've selected for you the article 'Record number of flowers bloom' as an example. You can browse for news about your favourite topics, online activities, mini-lessons or level graded exercises.

English Exams

Level tests and free exams for you to practise.



Ensure success in your English exams by practising beforehand. Check your level of English with useful level tests; learn new vocabulary and grammar; download apps for learning on the go; and much more.

Don't miss the opportunity and visit the helpful website managed by Stephen Chadwick, a highly experienced ESL examiner and software developer.

Exam English

Lie or Lay

Laying down the law on some puzzling verbs.


Confusing English words & expressions (e.g. lay & lie)

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the verb lay means broadly ‘put something down’, as in they are going to lay the carpet. The past tense and the past participle of this verb is laid, as in she had laid careful plans.

The verb lie, on the other hand, means ‘be in a horizontal position to rest’, as in why don’t you lie on the floor? The past tense of this verb is lay (he lay on the floor) and the past participle is lain (she had lain on the bed for hours).

• Differences between lay and lie.
• Quick-reference list with pairs of confusing words
• Words & expressions with different and similar meanings

English for beginners

Learn English with Songs


Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced English lessons

Browse the website and find interesting topics to learn/improve your level of English.

Choose subjects such as grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. Have fun singing songs, playing games, and doing crosswords, word matches and word searches.

Learn English for work and for living in the UK and in the USA.

Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4
Topics menu

For advanced learners choose your level at the top of the page.

English Graded Dictations

English Graded Dictations


Online Dictations

Improve your spelling and listening skills with graded dictations.

The website offers different topics to choose from, distributed in 5 levels for Cambridge exams: KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE.

This is how it works:
 The text is read the first time at normal speed just for listening
 Each phrase is dictated slowly, twice, while you type
•  The full text is read again for revision
•  The written text is shown. Check your mistakes.

Take a look at the website


10 Common Spanish speaker's mistakes


Comparativa entre los idiomas inglés y español

A pesar de la diferencia en sus orígenes, el español o castellano es una lengua romance y el inglés es una lengua germánica, ambos idiomas utilizan en su escritura el abecedario romano.

La ventaja de compartir alfabeto se convierte en desventaja a la hora de pronunciar en inglés. La dificultad radica en aprender el sistema fonético al mismo tiempo que el spelling, porque las palabras en sí no nos dan demasiadas pistas sobre su pronunciación.

Si tienes curiosidad por conocer más diferencias puedes visitar la web ESL (English as a Second Language) | FIS (en inglés). Quizás te interese leer el apartado advice on learning English y practicar con los ejercicios de Grammar y Vocabulary.


Phrasal verbs in daily conversations


Phrasal Verbs in Context

Los verbos frasales ingleses son expresiones idiomáticas formadas por verbos compuestos. Conviene conocerlos porque son muy utilizados por los angloparlantes.

Los phrasal verbs están formados por dos partes, una de las cuales es siempre un verbo. La segunda parte llamada "partícula" puede constar de una o dos palabras: adverbio, preposición, o ambas. Phrasal Verb = Verb + Preposition/Adverb

Elige la opción que mejor se adapte a tu forma de aprendizaje y empieza a practicar:

Phrasal Verb Quizzes: Common Verbs List
Exercises & Printable Worksheets
YouTube (10 Lessons)

Sample letters in English and their equivalent in Spanish

Sample letters in English and their equivalent in Spanish


Correspondencia en inglés

Un variado surtido de cartas en inglés con sus equivalentes en español y anotaciones informativas al margen.

Ideas para escribir un amplio abanico de correspondencia personal como invitaciones, saludos y felicitaciones de Navidad, entre otras.

Ejemplos de postales, reservas de vacaciones y planes de viaje.

Modelos útiles para el mundo laboral como por ejemplo el currículum vitae, respuestas a anuncios o la aceptación de una oferta de trabajo.

Postal de vacaciones en inglés (Imagen izquierda)
Listado completo de cartas


Watch a short episode of Oxford University Press - EF 3rd Edition Drama


Interactive Exercises

Start by selecting your level between 7 available:
  1  Beginner
  2  Elementary
  3  Pre-Intermediate
  4  Intermediate
  5  Intermediate Plus
  6  Upper-Intermediate
  7  Advanced

Practise reading, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Download useful files and have fun playing games.

Oxford University Press


 'With a Little Help from My Friends' by The Beatles


Songs & Lyrics in English

Listen, read and sing your favourite songs. Have fun and enjoy learning and practising the English language.

We've chosen for you a song of friendship from The Beatles, but the ESL Bits website has a long list of different styles.

Well-known bands such as: The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Tracy Chapman, Bruce Springsteen, Nina Simone, U2, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, and much more...

The Beatles (Lyric and audio)
List of songs


English Accents & Dialects


English Dialects & Accents Around the World

The Archive of English Dialects & Accents is an international collection of voice recordings.

It is organised by the following areas: Africa, Asia, Australia-Oceania, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America.

The website also provides the transcriptions for you to read while you're listening to the recordings.

Listen to the different accents on the website IDEA


Watch a lesson about  'Present Simple Questions'


The Mysteries of the English Pronunciation

Una amena obra de teatro en archivos de audio para ayudarte a pronunciar en inglés correctamente.

La web dispone de varios cursos organizados en unidades con los niveles: principiante, elemental, pre-intermedio e intermedio.

Puedes mejorar tu gramática haciendo ejercicios, escribir emails siguiendo útiles modelos, practicar conversaciones telefónicas, aprender vocabulario básico para viajar y mucho más.

Los ficheros mp3 pueden ser descargados gratis en este enlace a la Web.

Learn English for free with Autoenglish.


Cambridge English test


Test your Level of English

Based on your test score, the University of Cambridge gives you information about the Cambridge English exams most appropriate for you.

 Free and quick online text.
 25 multiple-choice questions.
 Review your answers at the end of the test.

Test on General English
Test on Business English
Test for Schools (suitable for learners aged 11 and over)
Test for Young Learners


British terms vs American terms


British English vs American English

In English there are significant variations in accent, spelling and terms depending on the country where it is spoken. However, the two main differences are between British and American English.

Some British endings like -yse, -isation change to -yze,-ization in American English. It's very important to be consistent throughout the same piece of writing and stick to one style or the other. The Oxford Dictionary website has a full list of differences in spelling.

There are many cases where the same thing is described using different terms. For example, a British aeroplane is in fact an American airplane. See the complete list of terms.


Vídeo con consejos de pronunciación inglesa (en inglés)


Pronunciación inglesa

La pronunciación española no tiene secretos, sin embargo en inglés son de gran ayuda los símbolos fonéticos que representan los sonidos para pronunciar correctamente las palabras.

La página web de la BBC  Learning English, clasifica los sonidos en: diptongos, vocales cortas y largas, consonantes sordas y sonoras, y otras consonantes.

Explora el apartado 'pronunciation tips'  donde encontrarás un amplio repertorio de material para descargar y practicar a tu albedrío: documentos PDF, vídeos formato mp4, audios mp3 con su transcripción y cuestionarios para evaluar tu aprendizaje.

BBC Learning English


History of the English Language

The History of the English Language

The English language began when the Romans left Britain and the Germanic tribes arrived. It was back then when the term 'Anglo-Saxon' began to be related with English. The Romans didn't leave much Latin vocabulary behind; instead, Latin entered the language through the Church. Centuries later Vikings arrived, bringing words like 'thrust', 'give' and 'take'. In 1066 the Norman conquest introduced Latin through Norman French, which became the language of official business, and introduced words like 'beef', 'pork' and 'lamb'.

Shakespeare invented 2,000 new words and phrases and his poetry showed the world that English is a rich and vibrant language with unlimited expression.

English and more languages

News in English, expressions and adding new resources soon...


More English...

Our page for more languages also include resources for learning and practising English.

News, expressions and more can be found as we keep the page updated with new links.

Browse the page more languages, and find quickly the English resources under the flag  english

English language and translations

News about the language and translation world


Languages in the News

Improve your English while you learn about languages, and learn how to study more efficiently.

Find out about British politeness and what British people really mean when they speak.

Discover more about Learning Styles, of what neuroscience says about the brain, etc...

Take a tour



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