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Spanish & English Proofreading Services



We edit and proofread your text and suggest modifications to ensure clarity according to the culture of our respective countries.

We work using the Microsoft Word function 'track changes' for each of our corrections. Comments will be added to make suggestions when a phrase has to be rewritten in a different way to be better understood.

When the work is done we will send you two files:

  1. Original showing markup, including the tracked changes for you to review.

  2. Final version with all changes accepted and ready for you to use.





Below is an example of a menu that we have proofread. Click on the navigation tabs to show the markup and the final version.


Read the story and see a shot of the original menu


Today's special, hairy potato balls…


Menu in correct EnglishMenu in correct Spanish

When I first came to England I was curious about so-called 'Spanish restaurants'. I decided to try tapas from a well-known Newcastle restaurant. See a shot of the original menu which taken with a mobile phone.





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For academic proofreading in English we strongly recommend UniWord,
which provides professional services by experienced academics.



Proofreading Process



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