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Businesses Working with Us


Our work is of high and reputable quality, which is why much of our new business has come from recommendations by previous clients. At Floating Penguin we consider that word-of-mouth is the best advertisement.

The majority of our business come from the UK, mainly from London. See below a few of our best clients:


Trusted services in the UK. Read more about our clients.


UniWord, Academic Proofreading Services



UniWord is an editing and proofreading service based in London, for professional academics aiming for publication in British or American English.

We have translated the website into Spanish to improve the international reach and image of the business. We are in the process of optimising the visibility of the site with our SEO Services. This entails providing keywords to engage search engines, promoting the business through social media, and executing link building campaigns. UniWord Director's testimonial.





Silverbean is a digital marketing agency with offices in London and Newcastle upon Tyne. They are experts in optimising digital performance for commercial clients and publishing partners.

Gemma Neesham (Senior Search Marketing Consultant) asked us to contribute with SEO Services for the Spanish business on behalf of one of their clients. 

John Ryder  

John Ryder
Operations Director




Inma is a fantastic translator. Highly recommended! ”


James Mechan  

James Mechan
Search Marketing Consultant




Inma worked with us on one of our largest campaigns in Search. She was an extremely hard working and dedicated member of the team. Her communication and work ethic aided in the company delivering a successful campaign for the client. I would recommend Inma as a fantastic person to work with across multiple languages.”





Regus is the world's largest provider of flexible workspaces.

Floating Penguin has contributed to the Spanish side of the business with SEO Services to maximise search engine visibility in Spain. We have suggested onsite optimisation, providing new keywords and key phrases. We have translated and published a wide range of blog posts and we have provided original articles in Spanish for link building campaigns.




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