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Learning German | Free Resources





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The German language belongs to the Germanic family, a branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Scholars often divide the Germanic languages into three groups: West Germanic, including English and German; North Germanic; and Faroese [Credit: Encyclopædia Britannica].

German Grammar

German Declensions


German Declension Tables

Declensions allow you to put articles, nouns, adjectives and pronouns into the correct form.

Learn about the different forms within a declension: Nominative, Genitive, Accusative and Dative; in singular and plural, according to gender.

The website German for English Speakers comprises all forms of declension into tables for better understanding.

German Exercises on Declensions is the perfect website for those advanced learners who want to practise and test their knowledge.

Memorising German

Memorising German


Memorising German

Fast, free and fun!

Learn a bunch of useful colloquial German expressions, introduce yourself and get around making people smile.

After all, you only need to enter your email address to sign-up and start learning.

Here is the link to the website

Good luck!



German Lessons


Deutsch Online Lernen

A collection of grammar lessons in 22 videos including:

Present tense of verbs: 'sein' (to be) and 'haber' (to have)
Grammatical gender, number, case
The definite and indefinite article forms: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative
The conjugation system
The singular noun, n-declension, s-declension, zero declension
The plural noun - declension
The preposition - contractions

Full list of lessons here.


German spoken


Learning German from the street

Native German speakers interviewed while walking on the street.

By watching this videos you can get used to the pronunciation and intonation of the German language.

Click the image on the left to watch the first video and browse more on their YouTube Channel.



German and English links

Similar words between German and English


Links between German and English

German and English are linked since they both come from the family of Germanic languages. Read more at

Here you have an example of identical and nearly identical words.

Find out more about 'words with the same meaning and spelling' and 'equal words with different meaning'.



German for beginners

German for Beginners


Talk German

Learn the basics; from greeting someone and formal introductions to talking about the family, job or spare time.

The website offers a collection of videos and transcripts. It also includes activities and worksheets for teachers.

Browse around and start learning!

VIDEOS BBC Languages German

German as an official language

Territorial entities where German is an official language


Where is the German language spoken?

The German language, Deutsch, is the official language of both Germany and Austria and one of the three official languages of Switzerland. Read more at Encyclopædia Britannica.

Do East and West Germans still speak a different language? Find out at OxfordWord Blog.

Video-Tutorial  Spricht man deutsch oder Deutsch?

England Tropics

English Tropic


Video: Englands Tropen

Trebah is a subtropical garden situated in Cornwall, England.

There are around 50 gardens publicly available, most of them created by wealthy aristocrats and businessmen in the mid-19th century. They sent 'plant hunters' all over the world to bring, for example, Rhododendron seeds from the Himalayas and tree fern from New Zealand. Thanks to the mild climate subtropical plants such as palm trees, bamboo and sometimes even orchids thrive here magnificently today.

Watch the video and follow the German speech by reading the text. You can focus on pronunciation and intonation if your level isn't enough for understanding perfectly.

German Alphabet

Das Deutsche Alphabet


Starting with the basics: The German Alphabet

Pronunciation exercise. Click a letter, listen and repeat.

Get used to the German language by listening to a podcast related to their alphabet.

Den Buchstaben auf der Spur - ein Streifzug durch unser Alphabet

Podcast with transcription. File available for download.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand, now we're learning the German sounds. Learning vocabulary and grammar will be the next steps.



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