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About Us



We are a team of native English and Spanish professionals working together to deliver the best translation of your project.

Using our experience in translating and proofreading for other companies, we decided in 2013 to create Floating Penguin as a fresh concept in translation and editing.

We do not subcontract our work to impersonal freelancers—rather, we specialise in the services we do best, and build a close, two-way relationship with our client.


Reliability and competitive solutions.



Choose us for...


Your Savings


Your Market Reach


Our Commitment


Save time

by being in direct contact

with your translator

from the beginning

of your project to the end.


Save money

by paying per word.

Our competitive rate

guarantees the highest quality work

to give you excellent value.

Use your credit card

knowing that

you will not be charged

banking fees.



Save worry

for your documents

and personal details

with our guarantee of privacy.






We are more

than a just translation service.




We provide

specialist SEO services

(Search Engine Optimization)

for promoting your business

in Spanish markets.



For example,

by providing critical keyword

and phrase research,

writing original articles and

using social media

to drive traffic

to your website.






Our raison d'être
is helping businesses
be understood
in foreign markets.

We consider that only

native speakers

can deliver a natural, authentic,

and therefore

credible translation.



It is also more accurate,
which is critical from an
 SEO perspective

when identifying keywords
and key phrases
for targeting
local markets.




Meet Inma, a qualified professional
with a background in Spanish
and international business.
Her experience of working
in marketing and new media
makes her the perfect choice
for English-to-Spanish translations.




Hello and welcome to Floating Penguin.

I can happily say that since I started working as a translator I have enjoyed every project from beginning to end. I love the challenging variety of texts. From websites to best-man speeches, I dedicate myself with enthusiasm to delivering the best translation.

For example, when Joe from London asked us to translate his best-man speech into Spanish, I leapt at the opportunity. The wedding was to take place in Marbella (Spain), and he thought it would be a fantastic idea to add subtitles to his presentation for guests of the Spanish bride.

As you can imagine, it was perhaps the funniest—and most challenging—project I have ever translated. And according to Joe, the translation captured perfectly the essence and nuances of his speech.



This is fantastic, thank you very much for the care taken over this! Will recommend you if anyone else needs translations.

J.A. (London)




I am a perfectionist and there is no better reward than a satisfied client.

Let me invite you to browse our site, and do please contact me if there is anything I can do to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,









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